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Bitcoin blueprint employs active technical and fundamental strategies to trade cryptocurrencies, resulting in unparalleled success and accuracy. The AI present in the software allows it to find the most lucrative trading opportunities within the market, and to maximize them for profits.


Bitcoin blueprint is an automated trading app. Traders do not even need to take part in the market analysis and the trading process. However, there is also a manual trading mode available for those that want to be in full control of their trading actions.


Bitcoin blueprint employs the leading security measures to ensure that user funds and personal data remain safe at all times. Some of those security protocols involve using only the best brokerage platforms available and a streamlined verification process. With Bitcoin blueprint, privacy and security come first!

Bitcoin BluePrint App

Bitcoin blueprint is an exclusive group of new and seasoned cryptocurrency investors who have invested minimal into the markets and are reaping the huge profits of their investments every day. Our users take advantage of the Bitcoin blueprint algorithm to benefit from the volatility in cryptocurrency prices and the lucrative opportunities they represent. For this reason, our members enjoy both time and financial freedom as the Bitcoin blueprint takes on all the work on their behalf. With just a few minutes of work required each day, our exclusive members are earning thousands of dollars with no stress. You can now join this group and reap the massive profits present in the cryptocurrency sector.


Austin S.Clinton, Iowa

Profit: €9,825.27
“I have been using the Bitcoin blueprint software for three weeks now, and I have to say, the profits so far have been beyond amazing. I am closing in on my first $10,000 in less than a month of trading. The results are crazy, unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in my decades of investment in the financial markets. Truly, Bitcoin blueprint is the software to help you enter the cryptocurrency market and benefit massively from the price volatility of the crypto assets. I urge anyone reading this to take action today and join the Bitcoin blueprint community.”

John S.Chicago, Illinois

Profit: €4,429.79
“Fresh out of school, the living expenses in Chicago are massive for me. Things have been much easier since I started trading with Bitcoin blueprint. In a week, I’ve made enough money to take care of my needs for a month – this is an absolute dream, especially for someone who doesn’t even have a full-time job yet. I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing results the software will generate in the coming months. Thanks to the team at the Bitcoin blueprint, you guys rock and have really changed my life – thank you!”

Sheldon M.Belmont, California

Profit: €35,362.71
“I’ve been covering news about the financial markets for the past few years. I was asked to review automated cryptocurrency trading software and I stumbled upon Bitcoin blueprint. I gave it a try and my life changed for the better since then. In just two months of using the Bitcoin blueprint software, I’ve amassed over $30,000 in pure profits. This kind of result is unheard of in the financial trading sector. So, obviously when it comes to my opinion when reviewing this software – there is no doubt that it is tops!”

Katrina L.Florence, Alabama

Profit: €2,359.53
“I started using Bitcoin blueprint software two weeks ago and I’ve made more money than I make on any salaried job. The biggest attraction to this software is the ease of use and as a beginner, I found that very appealing and comforting. I am focusing my energy on Bitcoin blueprint and finding ways to trade more often. Thanks to the developers for this incredible invention. I would never have believed that I would become a financial trader who even understands cryptocurrencies but this software makes it so easy”


Bitcoin blueprint uses a superior trading algorithm and strategies to find trading opportunities in the market.


Bitcoin blueprint has won several awards, most famous being the top trading tool for crypto investors. It is recognized as the leading software to use for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency traders. You can use the manual or auto trading modes to trade the assets on our platform. The best part is all these processes have been made easy, thanks to our intuitive and robust software.


Bitcoin blueprint has become the epitome of success in the crypto space due to the accuracy the software has achieved in the last few years. Our team only works with reputable brokerage firms so that traders can access the best trading platforms with excellent trading tools. This makes it easy to make money while trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies.




Complete the registration form on our Bitcoin blueprint homepage and wait for your approval email. Once you get the email, activate your Bitcoin blueprint account and start using the software for free. There is no cost to open an account with the Bitcoin blueprint and there are no hidden fees.



The next step is to fund your Bitcoin blueprint trading account before you can start trading the available assets. The minimum deposit sum is $250 and you will be paired with one of our top brokers as soon as you fund your account. The money you deposit will give you trading capital to make profitable cryptocurrency trades.



Start trading and reaping the profits. Click on the auto trading button, set your trading criteria, and allow the Bitcoin blueprint software to start trading for you. However, you can use the manual trading mode if you wish to be in control of the trading moves. Once the profits come in, you can withdraw them whenever you want, hassle-free.

Bitcoin blueprint Software

Bitcoin blueprint is an automated app, solely designed to make it easier for people to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It achieves this by generating highly profitable trading signals, thanks to its superior algorithms and it can also execute the trades according to the set data.

The software is flexible as it works on virtually all device browsers. The web-based user interface makes it easy for beginners to navigate and place their trades. You can trade automatically or use the manual trading modes. In manual mode, you get to pick the trades to enter based on the trading signals generated by the software.

All in all, Bitcoin blueprint is a safe, reliable, and high profitable trading app. It has enabled many people around the world to attain financial freedom through cryptocurrency trading.

Is Bitcoin blueprint a Scam?

The simple answer to that is NO.

The high number of scam projects rising in the crypto space will cause you to doubt the authenticity of Bitcoin blueprint. However, you shouldn’t have such worries. Bitcoin blueprint has proven to be a legit automated trading software that generates profits for its users every day. The numerous testimonials online and on our site will show you that Bitcoin blueprint works and it delivers excellent results for our investors.

Bitcoin blueprint has won several awards as a sign of the accurate and impressive results it delivers. We also work with only the most reputable brokers in the business. Overall, Bitcoin blueprint is totally legit, 100% reliable, and worth your investment.

How Cryptocurrencies Emerged

The global financial crisis of 2008 was the trigger to the creation of Bitcoin. The domain was registered that year, and a person or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper. This whitepaper detailed how the cryptocurrency world would work.

Satoshi launched the cryptocurrency in 2009, and he mined the first Bitcoin block that same year. Bitcoin was just worth a few cents back then, however, it quickly started to gain recognition from all parts of the globe. In May 2010, Bitcoin attained its first real-world use when 10,000 BTCs were used to pay for two pizzas. To put it into perspective, this amount is worth millions of dollars at the moment. This led to the celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22 to signal the first real-world use of the crypto. Cryptocurrency exchanges began to emerge in 2010 as an avenue for people to buy and sell Bitcoin.

The disruptive nature of Bitcoin led to the development of other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. By 2013, the total value of cryptocurrencies in circulation reached the $1 billion mark. This was the beginning of success for the sector. At its height in 2017, the Bitcoin market cap surpassed $334 billion as the cryptocurrency was trading around the $20,000 mark.

Over the past decade, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have faced numerous roadblocks and challenges, including regulatory setbacks and exchange hackings. However, they have remained resilient and have been growing since then. An increasing number of brands, networks, and corporations around the globe are entering the crypto space. What this means is that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are set to dominate the financial space in the foreseeable future. This means that now, it is time for you to get in on this trading action

What is the Bitcoin blueprint System?

Bitcoin blueprint is the number one automated cryptocurrency trading app that allows virtually anyone to make massive profits from Bitcoin trading. The software is coded with superior trading algorithms that arm it with the ability to identify profitable trading opportunities in terms of crypto prices. Investors can trade manually or allow the software to execute trades for them. In terms of convenience, Bitcoin blueprint is top-notch as it can be used on all device browsers with internet access.

Regardless of your level of financial market knowledge or trading experience, Bitcoin blueprint is the software that allows you to easily earn passive profits from the lucrative trading opportunities within the crypto market.

Why Choose Bitcoin blueprint?

Bitcoin blueprint is the perfect choice for trading cryptocurrencies because of the numerous features it offers. All these features help make it easy for anyone to earn money trading the digital currencies. Here are the reasons why you should go for Bitcoin blueprint ahead of the other systems available in the market.

Free Software

Bitcoin blueprint software is free for everyone to use. We don’t charge signup fees, deposit and withdrawal costs, or other hidden commissions. You can register with Bitcoin blueprint and start using the software instantly.

Supports Multiple Coins

Bitcoin blueprint supports over 100 assets, both cryptos, and fiat currencies. The cryptos available here include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero, and more. Meanwhile, the fiat currencies include the US Dollar, GBP, Euro, CHF and more

No Download

You don’t have to download any software when using Bitcoin blueprint. We operate a web-based platform, which means you can easily access us on both computer and mobile browsers. With this, you don’t have to worry about regular software updates.

High Success Percentage

Bitcoin blueprint has the highest success percentage in the auto trading sector.

Straightforward Setup

Setting up Bitcoin blueprint is a simple and straightforward process. Visit our site and complete the application form on our homepage. You proceed to fund your Bitcoin blueprint trading account and start trading the assets. You are able to keep 100% of your earnings and your trading capital and to withdraw these funds at will.

Consistent Profits

If you are looking for regular earnings, then Bitcoin blueprint is the software for you. The app works 24/7, continuously scanning, and analyzing the market to generate profitable trading signals. In this way, you get to earn consistent profits seven days a week, and every day of the year.

Low Startup Budget

The startup budget for Bitcoin blueprint is low. This is because we desire for everyone to have a shot at financial freedom via the crypto space. The $250 minimum requirement is affordable and you can go on to earn thousands of dollars with that investment. After depositing the funds and trading with Bitcoin blueprint, you are then able to withdraw all your earnings and capital at any time you wish to, without any issues or delays. It also only costs $25 per trade.

Safe and Convenient Payment system

Bitcoin blueprint implements a safe and convenient payment system. Our members can fund their accounts or withdraw their funds safely and conveniently using various payment methods. We support major credit/debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discovery). Other payment options available include local bank transfer and popular eWallets such as Neteller. We process all payment withdrawal requests within 24 hours and the funds are sent to the users after approval. Our investors are never kept waiting when they are ready to enjoy their profits.

Demo Account

All Bitcoin blueprint members get to use the demo account for as long as they wish to. The demo account provides you with a good avenue to test your trading strategies and understand how the platform works. In this way, you can learn extensive trading strategies before you stake real money in live trading.

Customer Support

Our users are sure to receive a 5-star customer experience. Our support team is available 24/7 and attends to users in over 20 languages. They are professional and help users with any issues they encounter or questions they might have.

Swift Account Verification

Bitcoin blueprint complies with international security standards to help secure your funds and personal data, thus, the reason why we require account verification. However, our account verification process is swift. We request you to provide accurate personal information when opening the account and your payment details when funding your account.

Bitcoin blueprint Key Functions

Bitcoin blueprint is by far the best-automated cryptocurrency trading software available in the market. Here are some of its major functions:

Trading Tester

Bitcoin blueprint software comes with an inbuilt trading strategy tester that allows users to exercise backtests and forward tests on their trading criteria. The trading tester will enable you to enhance the performance of your trading strategy to ensure maximum profits.

Demo Trading

The demo account option is available for investors who wish to test and adjust their trading strategies before embarking on live trading.

Time Leap

The time leap function is what allows Bitcoin blueprint to predict a market event before the market moves. In this way, the software indicates profitable trading opportunities and gets in before other investors act.

High Customization

Bitcoin blueprint has top customization functions, enabling traders to be in control of the trading activities, even when using the automated mode. You can customize trading criteria like the assets to trade, amount to trade, trading times, take-profit and stop-loss limits, and more. Also, you get the option to switch between automated and manual trading modes at will.


How much does it cost to use the Bitcoin blueprint software?
Bitcoin blueprint is free for everyone to use. Simply sign up and activate your account. Once you do that, you can deposit funds and start using the software for free.
Are there any other fees, costs, or commissions?
There are no hidden or extra commissions, charges, or costs attached to using the Bitcoin blueprint software. Once you join the community, you can use the software for free as long as you wish to.
What is the earning expectancy with Bitcoin blueprint?
Bitcoin blueprint software users can earn over $1,300 per day. The sum can increase if you start trading with higher capital and deploy accurate trading strategies.
Is there a set time limit for working with the software?
Bitcoin blueprint only needs you to set your trading criteria per day, and this takes less than 20 minutes. The software starts trading for you non-stop for the entire day and night.

5 What is the profit cap I will earn using Bitcoin blueprint?

There is no profit cap when using the Bitcoin blueprint software. Some of our members started with the deposit sum of $25o and worked their way up to earning over $1 million in a few months.

6 Is Bitcoin blueprint legit and safe?

Yes, Bitcoin blueprint is safe and legit trading software. The software is the brainwork of some of the leading fintech experts around the world. To make it better, we partnered with the top brokerage firms in the crypto sector so our users can be confident in the safety of their funds and personal data. You can see the testimonials of our members and the live profit feed to confirm our legit status.

7 Who Created the Bitcoin blueprint software?

Bitcoin blueprint is the brainwork of a diverse group of fintech experts, with experience in economics, trading, and software developers.

8 Is Bitcoin blueprint similar to an MLM or affiliate marketing?

NO. Bitcoin blueprint doesn’t work as an MLM or affiliate marketing scheme. Instead, it is an automated trading app that generates profits from crypto trading for regular investors.

9 How do I become a part of the Bitcoin blueprint community?

To join us, simply complete the short application form on the top right corner of our homepage. Once you do this, simply choose your preferred broker, deposit funds into your trading account, and start using our software for free.